The Serigraphs of Peter Ellenshaw
Hyde Park, London
Painted by Peter Ellenshaw
24 x 20" serigraph of 75 colors on Arches ragstock paper
Limited Edition of 200 serigraphs
Signed and numbered in pencil by Peter Ellenshaw
Master Printer: Maccoy Studios
Perhaps the most famous of the Royal Parks in London is Hyde Park. At over 350 acres it is England's most popular and beautiful park. It is also the site of many royal functions and even rock concerts, having hosted The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Who, Pink Floyd just to name just a few. Also known for its Speaker's Corner where on any day one can hear speeches given on all subjects; some personal, some religious but mostly extreme political views. Bordered on the north by Oxford Street and to the east by Park Lane site of the famous Dorchester Hotel, Hyde Park has been a favorite of Londoners for centuries.