The Art of Peter Ellenshaw
Painted by Peter Ellenshaw
34 x 32" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 162 total giclées including proofs
"When the moon appears fleetingly behind parting clouds it is a moment of impermanence, in the sense that time is impermanent; the beauty and light is suddenly there and then... before you know it... it is gone."
— Peter Ellenshaw
The grandeur of a night sky over this fjord has been captured here with Ellenshaw's deft touch recreating the silvery moonlight as it plays on the water. For the 1972 film, "Island at the Top of the World," Ellenshaw traveled to Norway as production designer and second unit director to photograph this very picturesque country. The film garnered an Academy Award® nomination for his art direction, a tribute to Ellenshaw's continued flare for the dramatic.