The Art of Peter Ellenshaw
HMS Victory
Painted by Peter Ellenshaw
This giclée enhanced/embellished by Harrison Ellenshaw

30 x 48" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 20 giclées

Launched in 1765, HMS Victory achieved enduring fame as the flagship of England's greatest hero, Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
It was that sea battle against the French and Spanish fleets that foretold the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. However, the victory was overshadowed by the death of Lord Nelson during the battle.

HMS Victory was a 100 gun "first-rate ship of the line" carrying a crew of 860 officers and men. Made from over two thousand oak trees, the restored ship is still in commission as part of the Royal Navy, docked at Portsmouth in the south of England.