Harrison, Peter and Lynda Ellenshaw
WELCOME to our first quarterly newsletter published by the Ellenshaw family for our friends and collectors. We are also excited to announce a new look to our website at www.ellenshaw.com!

PETER AND HARRISON have made several guest appearances at galleries this year and have the following upcoming appearances:

Harrison embellishes a new release at a recent gallery appearance

November 13, 2005
Harrison Ellenshaw
Ronald Reagan Library,
Simi Valley, California
November 18, 2005
Harrison Ellenshaw
The Enchanted Castle,
Omaha, Nebraska
December 9-11, 2005
Harrison Ellenshaw
Las Vegas, Nevada

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our new design, our website features new limited edition releases and our quarterly newsletter will bring you the latest on these and other special events as well as personal stories behind the Ellenshaw name and artwork.

We are proud to announce an upcoming Disney© release by Harrison Ellenshaw titled "Disneyland's 50th Anniversary."

"Disneyland's 50th Anniversary"
by Harrison Ellenshaw

"I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland over 50 years ago with my father. I went on weekends when it was under construction and my father was working on some of the first attractions. Walt Disney would often stroll through the park and one day he pushed me on a hand cart down the tracks for the train that circles the park. I have always told people that I was the first passenger on that train. Years later I had a summer job working on the Fantasyland Skyway. I’ve included the buckets from the Skyway (long since gone) in this painting celebrating 50 years of the Happiest Place on Earth."

         —Harrison Ellenshaw

Walt Disney with
Harrison Ellenshaw

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