Fantasia — Ave Maria
Painted by Harrison Ellenshaw
20 x 30" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 195 giclées with 30 proofs
"I consider Fantasia, Disney Studios’ most impressive and important film of all the animated features. Literally thousands of artists worked to produce a film of huge technological and artistic achievement. It will never be equaled."
— Harrison Ellenshaw
The final sequence of the classic film Fantasia is a dramatic visual artistic realization of the stirring, 'Ave Maria' by Franz Schubert.  For the most recent BluRay release of the film, Harrison was commissioned to provide the sidebars (a virtual proscenium) for the 'Disney View' 16 x 9 version. Here Harrison has painted new interpretive artwork of the procession of robed figures moving across a Gothic bridge and through majestic trees and ruins.