"Colors are to painting as the symphony is to music. Each color is like a different instrument and when they are all working together they can touch an emotional chord in each of us."
Harrison Ellenshaw
The Art of Harrison Ellenshaw
AS A FILMMAKER and visual effects artist, Harrison Ellenshaw's work can be seen in such films as Star Wars, Tron, The Empire Strikes Back, Superman IV, Ghost, Dick Tracy and many others. Harrison has also enjoyed a successful career as an artist with shows of his fine art paintings in London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.
Original Paintings
Xena — Archangel Michael
Ice Castle
The View of Heaven
Industry Moon
Escort to Cloud City
Boba Fett's Special Cargo
Red Sunset
Moonz 18
Cahuenga Tree
Limited Edition Giclées
Tower Bridge —
Opening Day

Monument Valley

The River Indre
Near Reignac

Gotham Night
Desert Pool