Mary Poppins
Sweeps Dance on the Rooftops of London
Painted by Peter Ellenshaw
This giclée enhanced/embellished by Peter Ellenshaw
24 x 36" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 200 giclées, Deluxe Edition of 50 giclées and 49 proofs
"I am very fond of this scene. I had the idea that the chimney sweeps could do a dance number based on a bawdy English pub song. When I showed Walt the dance, he joined me as we linked arms and high stepped across the room. This was the inspiration for the legendary Sherman Brothers to create the tune, 'Step in Time.' We set the sequence on the rooftops of London with Admiral Boom's fireworks making quite a spectacular backdrop."
— Peter Ellenshaw
Peter Ellenshaw's relationship with producer, Bill Walsh, was very unique and on "Mary Poppins" Peter was asked to contribute his talents to many aspects of that film, including the visuals, the production, and even the dialects. Peter, born in London, coached some of the Americans in the cast on their English accents; he also did the voice of one of the penguin waiters.