Disneyland's 50th Anniversary
Painted by Harrison Ellenshaw
This giclée enhanced/embellished by Harrison Ellenshaw
18 x 27" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 50 giclées with 15 proofs
"I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland over 50 years ago with my father. I went on weekends when it was under construction and my father was working on some of the first attractions. Walt Disney would often stroll through the park and one day he pushed me on a hand cart down the tracks for the train that circles the park. I have always told people that I was the first passenger on that train. Years later I had a summer job working on the Fantasyland Skyway. I’ve included the buckets from the Skyway (long since gone) in this painting celebrating 50 years of the Happiest Place on Earth."
— Harrison Ellenshaw