Blue Castle
Painted by Peter Ellenshaw and Harrison Ellenshaw
18 x 27" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 195 giclées with 30 proofs
"It is always a privilege for me to work with my father on his paintings. I know how special this 'Blue Castle' is to him. We both hope that we have done justice to the creativity of the artists who made "Pinocchio" such an amazing and visually stunning film. There is detail and elegance in that film that has never been seen in animation since."
— Harrison Ellenshaw
Based on the 1940 film "Pinocchio," and inspired by the concept drawings and watercolors of Gustaf Tenggren, the art of numerous Disney master animators as well as the backgrounds of Claude Coates and others, the Ellenshaws have again collaborated to create a brilliant Disney classic image for the ages.