"Whether recollecting his childhood in England, his early days in the movie business, his wartime experiences as a pilot, his long and fruitful years at Disney, or his second career as a fine art painter, Ellenshaw flavors his text with warmth and wit."
Don Shay
Founding Publisher, CINEFEX
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Ellenshaw Under Glass -- Going to the Matte for Disney
by Peter Ellenshaw



Peter Ellenshaw's book "Ellenshaw Under Glass -- Going to the Matte for Disney" is available in two editions. The standard edition features Peter Ellenshaw sitting on a cloud on the book's clear dustcover over a background of Peter's famous matte painting from "Mary Poppins."
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The deluxe edition comes slipcased with a 3-D hologram on an elegant gold lettered box. Inside is the book, this time with a special plexiglass cover of Peter on the cloud, paintbrushes in hand again with all of London at his feet.